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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a nurse practitioner (APRN-BC)?
    An APRN-BC is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse - Board Certified (Nurse practitioner). 8 Flags Direct Primary Care is owned and operated by Jan Carver, an APRN-BC. Nurse practitioners are becoming the primary healthcare provider for millions of patients in the United States. They can be found in stand-alone practices, in ERs, ICUs, and in primary doctor's offices. NPs not only offer their clinical expertise in diagnosing medical conditions, and providing comprehensive treatment...they also specialize in disease and illness prevention as well as helping people manage their health. In addition to their expertise, NPs offer a personal touch to medical care that many patients have come to expect. You'll receive all this and more as a patient of 8 Flags Direct Primary Care.
  • What can a nurse practitioner do?
    Nurse practitioners can see people with minor acute problems like UTIs, sinus infections, and other ilnesses. Nurse practitioners also help patients manage chronic conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, and depression. We also promote health and wellness by suggesting screening tests like mammograms, colonoscopies, and lab tests and can order these tests or imaging studies. We even write non-narcotic prescriptions to our patients. Additionally, we coordinate care with other providers like specialists, physical therapy, and home health providers. You'll get all this and more at 8 Flags Direct Primary Care!
  • I see a lot of services on your website. Are you sure a nurse practitioner can do them all?
    Absolutely! Under Florida Law, Advance Practice Registered Board-Certified Nurses (APRN-BC) are allowed to perform many tasks without the need or supervision of a physician. In many cases, this allows patients to see a licensed, certified healthcare provider more quickly and for less money. All the services listed on our website are offered and performed by Jan Carver, APRN-BC.
  • Can I see a doctor at 8 Flags DPC?
    8 Flags Direct Primary Care is operated by Jan Carver, a Nurse Practitioner (NP) with decades of experience caring for others in the healthcare field. As the sole provider at 8 Flags, Jan oversees every aspect of primary healthcare services included in membership. In many cases, doctor's offices employ NPs as the front-line primary care providers. NPs are highly trained and have to meet vigrous certification requirements before ever working with patients. To learn more about NPs, click here.
  • What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?
    Direct Primary Care (DPC) means that you have a direct payment arrangement with your healthcare provider. 8 Flags accomplishes this through membership fees and fees for additional services that are not included in your membership. There are several advantages to DPC: Patients enjoy a more personable healthcare experience, and they don't have to deal with co-pays or insurance claims!
  • Why is there a membership fee for 8 Flags DPC?
    8 Flags DPC charges a membership fee so that our patients can have access to quality, affordable primary healthcare. This fixed monthy membership fee includes all the services listed here.
  • Do I still have to pay my monthly membership fee even if I don't need medical help?
    Yes. Much like a cell phone or cable bill (or a gym membership), your credit card will be billed monthly, regardless of whether or not you need medical care from 8 Flags DPC.
  • Is there a registration or setup fee?
    Yes. To become a member of 8 Flags DPC, you'll be charged a one-time registration fee of $100 at the time of enrollment completion.
  • Will you file insurance claims?
    No. 8 Flags DPC works directly with our patients to provide affordable, quality primary healthcare services at a fixed monthly rate.
  • Are their any co-pays I have to pay to 8 Flags DPC?
    No. 8 Flags DPC doesn't work with insurance companies. We work directly with our patients.
  • Do you have any patient openings?
    Yes! However, our spots are filling up fast! Once we reach our patient limit, you can request to be placed on a wait list.
  • I have health insurance. Why should I pay an additional monthly fee for your service?
    What a great question! While 8 Flags DPC doesn't work with insurance companies directly, there are many benefits to being a member with us! Our services work very well for people who have high deductible health plans through major carriers. Plus, when you start adding up all those co-pays, you can see how our plan can really save you money on quality, accessible, and personalized primary healthcare.
  • I'm a pretty healthy person, and I rarely need medical care. How would this plan benefit me?"
    8 Flags DPC is your healthcare concierge. Normally, healthy people go to the doctor once or twice per year. Instead of trying to remember questions that come up concerning your health for those one or two visits...why not email us, call us or send us a text? You'll get a quick reply to your primary healthcare question without having to wait for your next insurance-approved doctor visit. Healthcare doesn't get more personalized than this!
  • Do I have to sign a contract or make a long-term commitment?
    Absolutely not! We do request that if you decide to discontinue your membership, that you give us at least 30 days' notice. However, if you re-enroll within 1 year of cancellation, you will be assessed a re-enrollment fee of $250.
  • Are there any hidden fees?
    Nope! Not a single one. Check out our services page for all the services we provide with membership.
  • What if I need lab work? Is that covered?
    If you are in need of lab work, we work closely with local providers to help bring the cost of your lab work down.
  • Can I walk in or do I need an appointment?
    8 Flags DPC is proud to offer same day and next day appointments (while slots last). Please call us at 904.206.6329 first before coming in to schedule your appointment.
  • How long does a typical visit last?
    Visits last as long as they need to for us to take care of your health needs. If you have multiple needs, and it's peak season, we may have to take care of the most pressing issues first, and then schedule another visit to meet the other needs. But don't worry- you have unlimited visits in your membership!
  • What if I need diagnostic tests, have to go to the ER, see a specialist, or require hospitalization?"
    While we strive to meet your health needs at 8 Flags Direct Primary Care so you don't have to go to the ER, sometimes more serious health conditions will require a trip to the ER. We strongly recommend that you carry medical insurance in case you need to go to the ER, become hospitalized, need a specialist, or need to have diagnostic testing done, as none of these services are included in your 8 Flags DPC membership.
  • Do you make house calls?
    We do! While house calls are not included in the membership plan, they are very affordable. See our services page for more information.
  • What if I need to be admitted to the hospital?
    If you are admitted to the hospital, hospital physicians and staff will care for you. After you are discharged, we will follow-up with you to coordinate care. We'll also request your records from the hospital for your 8 Flags DPC file.
  • What are virtual visits?
    Virtual visits are offered by 8 Flags DPC through email, text, phone calls, and video conferencing. They are not a substitute for in-person care, but many health issues that are chronic and not emergencies can be discussed virtually.
  • I don't have health insurance? Can I still be a member?
    Absolutely! We can't wait to serve you!
  • Is 8 Flags Direct Primary Care a form of insurance or an insurance substitute?
    No. We provide high-quality, affordable primary health care to our patients...but we still believe having some form of comprehensive health insurance is good in case unexpected medical events arise that require hospitalization, specialist visits, diagnostic tests, and trips to the ER.
  • Will you bill my insurance provider?
    No. We don't work with insurance companies. We only work directly with our patients.
  • Can I use my health insurance at other healthcare providers even if I'm a member of 8 Flags DPC?
    Yes. Your health insurance will continue to operate as it normally would. Many health insurance plans don't require an in-network provider to order tests, lab work, etc., so we can take care of those requests for you. If you have an HMO, or similar plan, it may require an in-network provider order these items. Check with your insurance provider to make sure.
  • Can I use my FSA/HSA account funds to pay my membership fees?
    Please check with your HR department or your accountant to make sure you can use these funds to pay your membership.
  • Will you share my medical records with my insurance company, the government, or other healthcare providers."
    No. Not unless you specifically request that we do so.
  • Do you accept Medicaid/Medicare?
    No. We work directly with our patients and not insurance providers.
  • Can a schedule an appointment online or by email?
    Once you become a member, you can request an appointment by email or text - and we will get back to you with times and dates. You can also call 904.206.6329.
  • Can I speak to a healthcare provider even when I'm at work, out of town, or on vacation?"
    Absolutely! One of the greatest benefits to your 8 Flags DPC membership is the ability to connect with your healthcare provider in-office, by phone, via email, or through a video conference. So no matter where you can get the primary medical care you need.
  • I'm out of town and I need a prescription refill. Can you call it in to a local pharmacy?
    Absolutely! As a member, just give us a call at 904.206.6329 and we'll take care of you!
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